Juno Temple Topless Gorgeous Skintastic Screencaps from 'Killer Joe'

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Okay, we get it.  EgoReader 'JT' among others has asked, inquired, contributed, or cajoled us to share the beautiful young British actress Juno Temple in her noteworthy topless performance in this past year's Matthew McConaughey film, Killer Joe. Well, I'm here to tell you that sometimes when you don't see things on the site it's for no good reason other than us being lazy at work. Oh, come on, like you're working a sprint during all six-hours of your dinner shift at Arby's. Nay. You're smoking a jay and licking some horseradish packs (perhaps I'm speaking from personal experience).

Nevertheless, I'm glad we complied. Juno Temple is someone to keep an eye on, and those chest puppies, we will definitely keeping those in our viewfinder as well. Enjoy.

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