Karina Smirnoff Flashes Her Undies Beneath Her See-Through Skirt

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Oh, joy, another season of Dancing With the Stars is in the works. Practices have begun. Bodies are being waxes. Show costumes are being sewn. We can feel the buzz in the air. It we weren't super straight manly men, we might even feel a hint of actual excitement.

But, alas, our emotional landscape does not allow us to appreciate anything to do with the pageantry, artistry, and sequin-rich costumery of Dancing with the Stars. However, we can still check out how dancer girl bodies when leaving the DWTS rehearsal studio, over the weekend catching a nice visual of dancer Karina Smirnoffflashing her dancer panties beneath a sheer and see-through skirt.

Hey, it's not everything we would have wanted to see, but this ia Dancing With the Stars 9 out of 10. Enjoy.

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