Kate Moss Topless in Vanity Fair (22 Years After Her First Teary Topless Photoshoot)

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In the December issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Kate Moss talks about how she cried and vomited the first time she posed topless at the age of 16 for The Face magazine (no, we can't show you those photos) and got even sicker straddling a topless Marky Mark for a Calvin Klein ad a couple years later. Hmm, I can see the latter causing some upchuckery.

Thankfully, Kate celebrates her entire young career rough times callback with a new set of topless photos of the now 38-year old supermodel, complete with her famous small nipples and her ability to play the role of characters in her shoots, in this case, the character of MILF we'd like to cover in honey and slowly lick clean.

Hey, we all got our skeletons in the closet to battle. Enjoy.

P.S. Be sure to read the entire Kate Moss recalls teen demons article at Vanity Fair.

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