Kristen Stewart Topless Bedroom Scene Flashes Her Bare Pitstops 'On The Road'

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Hey, look it's Kristen Stewart, or K-Stew as we like to call her, or ooom moomph snargle muff foom as director Rupert Sanders liked to call her on set of Snow White and The Huntsman as he went down to emo-oyster town.

Either way, hey, it's Kristen Stewart topless in her bedroom scene from her indie film On the Road. And, yes, angry at the world or not, we still think K-Stew is pretty hot and when we get to see her topless finally, well, like most girls, we find her even prettier. It's just the way men see faces, err, bodies. We don't blame Rupert for taking a dive. His wife might disagree. Enjoy.

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