Leah Francis Blonde, Hot, Topless, and Rude for Zoo's Most Risque Issue Ever

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Oh, we love a good naughty blonde in the morning, or afternoon, or evening, or during nap time, bath time, or evening manga cosplay time in the rumpus room. That latter time can get a little frisky.

So when our friends at Zoo magazine said they were coming out with their 'Rudest Ever' issue and Leah Francis was going to be one of the centerpieces of the naughty journalistic endeavor, well trust me when I tell you that we canceled our mani/pedi appointments and cleared our calendars and waited to see how the buxom blonde fared pictorially speaking. And it was worth the wait. It's something fierce and iron clad and a dash of blindfolds, all designed to turn the extraordinary talents of Leah Francis into one more than extraordinary visual wonderment. Enjoy.

(Most definitely check out Leah Francis brand new naughty topless video on

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