Louise Thompson Covered Topless and Made Super Fine in Chelsea

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Unless you're of the British nationality, you've probably yet to see the craptastic goodness that is Made in Chelsea, the latest in the limey lines of reality shows about groups of young hot English blokes and birds doing stupid shit half-nekkid for the cameras, like the Jersey Shore, but with proper grammar.

Of course, the reason men watch any of these shows are to see the hot women necessarily cast on these low-comedy clunkers to give them some sense of watchability, and for Made in Chelsea, Louise Thompson is definitely more than watchable.

Louise is cast among the upper-crusty Chelsea denizen as a college student, but her fake resume is less important than her smoking hot brunette looks, which she blessedly puts on near-full display in this month's Loaded magazine. Louise in her panties and bra, or just hand-bra, reminds us that while our personal success rate with hot rich chicks can be easily rounded down toward zero, it remains ever the dream. Enjoy.

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