Lucy Collett Topless Ginger Goodness So Hot, We Almost Want to Weep

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Yes, yes, I know, we're somewhat (if not extremely) addicted to the ginger bodacious goodness that is Lucy Collett, but you must admit, if you're going to be completely swooned over the top by something in this world, why not a red-headed super babe with just the most curvaceous amazing body. I mean, I've got a friend really into misprinted stamps, and I'd say my Lucy Collett fever trumps his insane passions, though both of us do have fantasies involving licking.

Gretchen, my dutiful six-fingered right hand woman once told me she saw a painting in a museum so beautiful, she wanted to cry. I never quite understood her feminine sensibilities until I started tearing up while ogling a topless Lucy Collett. Men have their sensitive sides too. Enjoy.

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