Lucy Collett Topless Sudsy Pictures Help You Come Clean on a Mammarial Monday

I love when our readers get all hot and bothered in letters to us, because the more irate the letter, the more we know it's going to have something to do with bare chest puppies, almost always, save for the letters my mom writes keeps writing under pen names demanding her piece of the $437 and change Egotastic! fortune.

Somebody is quite upset that we don't have a special day for fabulous funbags associated with Mondays, the bluest day of the week, the day when we pay the price for our weekend's rampage, for us, usually meaning some type of expedited bail hearing based upon a dramatic plea for mercy and rousing our defense attorney from his Jaegermeister slumber. Hence, today we being Mammarial Mondays, a knocker-start to the work week that puts the beautiful bumpers front and center on this long haul truck we call home.

To kick off Mammarial Mondays and to help us swell with inaugural pride, we have the soapy, sudsy latest and inflatest from our ginger belusted glamour celeb, Lucy Collett, showing that baths can become fun again the minute you replace your rubber ducky with your bubbly fu-- well, you get the idea. So hop in and check out the full and sudsy fun times of Lucy Collett. It's Mammarial Mondays. Enjoy.

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