Lucy Pinder Topless, Angelic, Nekkid, Devilish Goodness

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People often ask me, even just this very morning, 'Hey, shithead, what's with you and Lucy Pinder? Why are you so obsessed with that girl?'. And I usually answer back, 'STFU, Mom! You just don't get what me and Lucy have together.' Then usually the police are called, somebody in reflective sunglasses mutters something about outstanding warrants, and I'm left in a holding cell for 24 hours with a bunch of guys who look at me like I look at Lucy. It never ends well.

What's with me and Lucy Pinder? Well, she just happens to be one of the most dope girls on the face of this six or seven or eight billion person planet (I'm too tired to Wiki), a stunning brunette with a simply perfect body and an alluring glance that will allure you right out of your common senses. Could you imagine saying 'no' to this girl for any request?

In her brand new pictorial from our friends at Nuts magazine, Lucy literally glows with sextastic as she bares her body for the benefit of oglers, admirers, and just anyone who has to decide whether to dress to the left or the right in the morning. Lucy has been blessed with certain talents and she shares those talents with the world. That is the definition of grace (and super wicked hotness). Enjoy.

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