Mr. Skin Minute Features Salma Hayek, Vahina Giocante, and Heather Matarazzo Topless (VIDEO)

While we are taking the Ego gang here this week to see Argo, just because it is supposed to be so good, and Seven Psychopaths, because we like sick humor, that doesn't mean we ever take our eye off the hot skinematic prize, most notably the wonderfully diverse set of celebs nekkid on film courtesy of our friends at the ultimate site for TV and film nekkidness, Mr. Skin.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Salma Hayek, not even close to flashing in Here Comes the Boom this weekend, but definitely flashing her bodily wares in Frida, Vahina Giocante revealing her wicked hot top in this year's 30 Beats, and out on Blu-Ray, Heather Matarazzo nekkid (among others) in the torture-porn sequel Hostel II.

That's a lot to choose from. Stay safe. Enjoy.

Oh, yeah, don't forget to get that Ego-discounted annual subscription from Mr. Skin, if you want access to their 28 bazillion picture and video sexy celebrities nekkid on film library.

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