READER FINDS: Amy Adams Topless, Katy Perry Extreme Cleavage, Taylor Momsen YouTube Nekkid and Much Much More...

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Yep, it's blessed fucking Friday. The gathering of the Egotastic! family 'round the old oak table that unlike my own family gatherings as child will not end up with Uncle Edard being rushed to the hospital with a knife wound precisely just below his rib cage (don't worry, he always made it). It's Reader Finds, the communal gathering of the sextastic stew with bucket loads of boobtastic bare-celebrity goodness.

This week's Reader Finds includes Emma Watson in a sweet Carter Bowman photoshoot (yo, kudos to EgoReader 'Joey G'), Demi Lovato upskirt on Hollywood Blvd (courtesy of 'Charles')., Adrianne Curry in an interestingly revealing Twitpic (thanks to 'Jason'), Amy Adams and Beverly D'Angelo (yep) topless in classic movie clips (bow down to 'Pito'), Laury Thilleman, Miss France 2011 quite topless (merci 'Illiac'), Katy Cocktease flashing major cleave for a monkey (oh, Beehave, EgoReader 'James'), Sammy Braddy bodacious and topless (thanks to 'Ian G.'), Miss Italy 1977 Anna Kanakis taking it off (weird, bur wonderfully provided by 'Gene'), Airu Oshima flashing her Japanese delights (EgoReader 'Tom T.' getting caught up in Asian celeb madness), underrated hottie Courtnie Quinlan topless for Page 3 and Lucy Pinderwicked hot (cheers to 'Reuben'), and more more Frank White photoshoot goodness, this time Vikki Blows classic topless (contributed by 'Vinnie'). Enjoy.

Okay, it is blurred, but Taylor Momsen nekkid at the end of the video 'Under the Water' for The Pretty Reckless (thanks to EgoReader 'Daminen'):

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="450"></iframe>

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