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Renee Olstead Nipple Slips Her Way Back Into Our (Future) Ginger Loving Hearts

We got some great news last week from Renee Olstead herself that our former ginger secret lush crush would once again, soon, be returning to her firebrand red topped self. Oh, that was happy news around these parts. We threw a little celebration, and by that I mean we wedgied the new tech intern, juvenile, but it's never lost its grade school charm, especially when they squeal.

But, now, hark, an even better surprise perhaps as Renee had a little wardrobe malfunction (err, ogler good fortune) as her corset top pushed up her lovely pair to the point of a nipple slip at the Dita Von Teese Collection Launch Party in L.A. We're quite sure that famed burlesque dancer Dita could relate to such a public exposure, only Dita gets paid to work such magic. As for Renee, she'll have to settle for our undying and unrequited affections. Enjoy.

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