Shan Shan Maity Covered Topless Continues Our Mainland Celebrity Hotties Tour

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We had such a strong virtual visceral response when we began our tour of celebrity hotties in Mainland China a couple weeks ago, that when EgoReader 'May' suggested that we had badly and sadly and quite profoundly overlooked 20-year old super Chinese hottie Shan Shan Maity, well, we backed off our usual snarkiness, took in the visual delights of this bosomy babe from the mainland, and decided we just had to share.

There are so many treats yet to be uncovered in the Far East, and while we will certainly not forsake our uncovering and baring of sextastic celebrities from any other parts of this spherical planet, we are definitely going to dive deeper into Asian hotness.

Check out Shan Shan and see if you think it'll be a worthwhile venture. Enjoy.

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