Shané van der Westhuizen Covered Topless Photos Light Up the South African Skies

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Shané van der Westhuizen might be a tougher name for us Yanks to pronounce, but it's a name you really are going to want to know. The South African super hottie model was featured last year on the cover of her native land's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and now she's upping the stakes by removing her top altogether for a ridiculously hot covered topless pictorial in FHM South Africa.

South Africa remains a different hemispheric destination that we have far too underappreciated in terms of their production of raw super sextastic. Of  course, we've wasted many sacred potential future babies over the likes of Candice Swanepoel, and more recently the stunning Simone de Kock, but, now, most certainly add the supremely fine assets of Shané van der Westhuizen to your tug vault mental cabinet. Enjoy.

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