Taylor Swift Sheer See-Through Top Reveals Her Bra, Which Is Huge for T. Swift

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The innocent yet beguiling Taylor Swiftis probably the single most conservative celebrity we cover here on Egotastic!, and we don't mean the naughty librarian type who appears all coquettish on the outside but once alone turns into a Tantric tiger, we mean the librarian librarian type who when all alone tells you to shoosh and asks you if her bi-focals make her look fat.

Nevertheless, at some point, human sexuality always trumps human conforms, even if it has to leak out unexpectedly or in little tiny glimmers of libidnal hope, as it did for Taylor Swift in a sheer top made sheerer by the evening flash of paparazzi cameras flashing her bra (gasp!) to the entire world. Now, it ain't much, but it's an opening. Like a small rent in the time space continuum that we can only hope and pray busts wide open someday and we get to see some real Taylor Swift skin. Don't hold your breath, not just yet. Enjoy.

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