Thank God It's Funbags! Jodie Gasson Double-Barreled Silky Topless Goodnes

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oh, blessed end of the week. Friday. The blessed refractory period of the week before recharging the internal juices for some serious brew, sports, and debauchery over the coming next forty-eight hours, before sauntering sadly back into work or school come Monday morning (but, don't worry, we'll be there too with more skin-filled goodness).

Well thank fucking god it's Friday. And to celebrate this joyous occasion we turn to joy-inducing funbags. The kind of gorgeous globes that just make you smile, as a precursor to drooling, opening wide, and barely audibly uttering 'come to daddy' as you imagine the righteously hot Jodie Gasson stripping out of her silky little lingerie right in front of you. I mean, so close, you can smell her body perfume, take in the scent of her shampoo, and recognize the aroma of being a future daddy. Yep, thats close. And that good. TGIF!

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