Thank God It's Funbags! Lucy Collett Brings Out the Big Reds to Turn Your Jimmies Blue

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Holy crap it's been a long week. One of those weeks where you purchase the weekend beer on Monday, stare at it on Tuesday, smell it on Wednesday, chill it on Thursday, and finally, finally crack it open on Friday (as if we didn't crack it open when we got home from the store on Monday; still, we just sent the intern out to get more, that is the great thing about beer, there's always more.)

To celebrate the reaching of this milestone we call Friday, the gateway to debauchery, desperate attempts at casual sex, and finding out what happens when you fire Silly String directly into the rectum of your passed out friend (honestly, don't draw the short straw and end up being the guy who has to hold the canister on that prank), we bring you the beautiful, bodacious, and ever memorable mammaries of ginger hottie Lucy Collett, in an office striptease of workwoman like proportions.

Now, I'm perfectly aware that Lucy is not in a real office, nor is there any chance that Liza, the unusually attractive girl in our office whose job nobody is quite clear about, is going to strip down and flash her wares like Lucy Collett, but, if you can't dare to dream, then you may as well just work through the weekend. Enjoy.

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