Thank God It's Funbags: Mellisa Clarke Is Au Natural On the Patio For Topless Treats

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The peak of the week deserves a solid peek at some peaks, that might just be the new unnecessarily complicated motto for Thank God It's Funbags our final salute of the week to all things motorboat-able.

In this week's weekend sendoff ala chest puppies, we celebrate the natural and alt stylings of Mellisa Clarke, a skinny brunette glamour model who caught our eye big time a year or two ago, but is rarely now in the public eye, though she seems to be returning with some wonderfully untouched candid pictorials hot enough to make you disregard that 'untouched' part.

It's Friday, it's time to let loose, shake your caboose, and get with a girl who will, you know, something that rhymes with loose and caboose. Enjoy.

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