Tierra Lee, Our Gamer Girl 'Schoolteacher', Makes Nekkid Good on the Virtual Pages of Playboy

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We've had many fun days at Egotastic!, hey, it still is the best sub-minimum wage job in the business, but one of them had to be the day we filmed the Gamer Girl Diaries for our Hot Coffee channel, featuring among other wicked hotties, Tierra Lee, 'The Schoolteacher' who stripped down for her gamer thrills.

Now, we get to thrill double time, or, triple time, depending on how you count sextastic body parts, with Tierra Lee in but one of her many nekkid and ridiculously hot pictorials and videos for our friends at PlayboyPlus. Just one divine looking girl who we can tell you was personally a pleasure to work with (and, by work with, we mean hang out with for three hours mostly nekkid).

Get yourself one of them fancy but affordable PlayboyPlus memberships and check out Tierra Lee in a ton of pictorials and some of the most giggly good videos you may ever see.

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