Why Are Paris Hilton's Nipples So Excited? Cause They're About to Get Paid

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Little known fact about Billionaire Barbie, well, not little known to her accountant -- have you ever wondered where Paris' play money comes from? I mean, the stuff that pays for what's on her back or up her nose? It's not from the family hotel fortune, it's from personal appearance and promotional fees and the bulk of those fees come from overseas engagements, many in the Far East or Middle East, where Billionaire Barbie remains an iconic star.

In realms such as Turkey, where Paris adorns billboards and magazines and somehow has become a blonde fashion and lifestyle icon to tons and tons of chain smoking men and women, nightclubs and shopping malls pay her big bucks to come and dance and wink her good eye and get wasted. This explains why Paris has such stiff headlights as she exited her plane in Istanbul for a cash run in Turkey. When the headlights are on, Billionaire Barbie is about to get paid. Count on it. Enjoy.

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