A Second Look At Kate Moss Topless in Vanity Fair and a First Look at Kate Moss Toasted Cleavy After Her Book Launch

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We couldn't resist the chance to offer up our ten-million man ogling army a clearer view on what we thought (despite tons of Kate-hate) was a pretty delightful Kate Moss topless pictorial in the current edition of Vanity Fair magazine.

And while we're at newly familiar sites of Kate Moss, the supermodel made a toasted with a cherry on top appearance in a cleavage-revealing gold dress at an after party for her book signing.

Now, we don't know what Kate's book is all about, but we're going to guess it's about Kate, modeling, and a few sins packed therein. Honestly, even if we could read, we probably wouldn't. And, yet, we're still Kate fans here at Egotastic!, and we do still stare. Enjoy.

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