Amanda Rosa Covered Topless Uncovered Hotness for Overall Brazilian Glory

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Sometime between the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics of 2016, I plan on learning Portuguese and having casual sexual relations with at least seventeen super hot Brazilian models. If you've been reading today, you know Gisele Bundchen is on that Bang-Bucket List, and some of the other big name Brazilian sextastic faptastics, but what about some of the girls lesser known outside of their native lands. Don't those ridiculously hot sultry ladies needs their own two minutes and forty-three seconds on average bit of loving too?

Smoking hot Brazilians like Amanda Rosa, featured in this month's H Para Hombre magazine. Amanda is big time hot time as a model and TV show hostess down Sudamericana way, and it takes only one glance at her wicked body to know why she is most definitely on the soccer-to-Olympics iCalendar project timeline. Enjoy.

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