Courtney Stodden Takes a Semi-Naked Stand and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Courtney Stodden strips down to convince you to not eat turkey on Thanksgiving. (Celebuzz)

Helen Mirren does what I would have liked to do to Jessica Biel last night. (HuffPo)

Kate Middleton pregnant, says friend. But I haven't been to England, so it can't be true. (FoxNews)

Brittany Curran all grown up and taking on adult roles. Not those kind. (COED)

Vanessa Hudgens says Spring Breakers threesome scared her from future sex scenes. (Vh1Celeb)

Teresa Palmer stands around in a tiny bikini way back in July. Still hot now. (Celebslam)

The only time I want see to math on a blackboard is when a girl in underwear is there. (CollegeHumor)


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