Danielle Sharp Topless Co-Ed Girls Party Fun Time Starts Now

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It was less than a year ago that one of the lads magazines in the U.K. named Danielle Sharpas the sexiest student in all the British isles, and so long as everyone else is willing to play along with the fact that Danielle Sharp is a matriculating college girl, well, hell, we're not going to stop this roleplay part.

Not when it continues to generate feast-worthy visual delights such as Danielle Sharp, wicked hot and topless and fooling around in her apartment with some of her girl buddies in this mind-blowing pictorial from our friends at Front magazine. A sensuous scene that we men are quite certain must be taking place in female dorm rooms and apartments around this globe as we speak. For some reason, when we knock and they answer the door, the girls are always fully dressed and vacuuming the place, but we know, that the minute that door shuts, it's off with the clothes and Ashley and Jennifer start filling the tub with bubbles. Enjoy.

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