Emma Frain Topless Beach Photos Because Summer Will Simply Not Quit

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At least not here in the City of Angels, where temps are soaring in November thanks to a combination of global warming, hot air from celebrity politicking, and something I believe has to do with the Van Allen radiation belt and a pending invasion from an alien species hell-bent on mating with Kate Upton. Can't say I blame them. But, point is, it's effin' hot. And somehow the utility company claims I haven't paid my electricity bill since March. As if, I so paid that March bill.

In more benevolent emitting of heat channels, the deliciously delightful DD wunderkind Emma Frain continues to crank out super sextastic topless beach photoshoots to remind everyone that boobs goes extremely well with sun and sand and surf and all things summer related, because getting to second base with a girl in winter layers of clothing is a monster pain in the ass. Enjoy.

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