Emma Glover Topless Outtakes Roundly Ring In Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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Oh, the spectacle that is the faptastic funbags of Emma Glover. We could easily camp a fortnight or eon betwixt the firm but cushiony globes sprouting from the delicious chest of this sextastic brunette glamour model.

For Ta-Ta-Tuesday we are more than fortunate for the release of outtakes, those blessedly overlooked and unpublished sweet photos, from Emma's recent Nuts magazine 'Rude' photoshoot. It's like finding a soft landing spot for your heart, and other fine organs, and realizing that no matter the strife in this world or your life, there will always be mama's bosom to come home to. At least, here on Egotastic! five to nine days a week. Enjoy.

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