Gena Lee Nolin Classic Nekkind Playboy Photoshoot to Celebrate Her Birthday

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Wow, where does the time go. Former Baywatch babe Gena Lee Nolin turned 41 today and we feel the need to honor Gena if for no other reason than to thank the ones you spank to, it's only polite.

For many of you, the 1990's saw many a private time thoughtful repose thinking about the sextastic blonde, Gena Lee Nolin, now, you can help her blow out her candles on her birthday cake by way of viewing her stellar pictorial from our friends at PlayboyPlus in honor of Gena's 41st.

And, as an added bonus, don't forget your annual discounted membership to PlayboyPluswhere you can check out a ton of nekkid celebrities past and present not to mention their current special on The Hottest College Girls on the Planet. It truly is a site you can get lost in for an hour or day or month at a time. Enjoy.

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