Helen Hunt Full Frontal Nekkid in 'The Sessions' (Muff Warning!)

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Editor's Note: If the sight of full female frontal nudity either offends or excites you uncontrollably to the point of the type of fapitation that would get your fired or arrested, please, proceed no further in this Internet clicking venture. Also, if you're under the appropriate age, stop right now. Viewing a vagina in your formative years will give you some horrible mental illness!

Well, dontcha know, after a ten month buildup since its release at Sundance this past January, thanks to EgoReader 'Jay Dog' we finally get to sneak a peek at the twin peaks and lady nest of Helen Hunt, who goes now famously (and quite bravely we might add) without any clothes, bare and right there in front of the cameras in the film, The Sessions, about a 30-something man in an iron lung who decides it's time to hire a pro to help him lose his virginity. Sounds like our gamer friend Lothar, except the iron lung isn't his obstacle, just sweaty sweaty palms around women.

While conceding that we might have rather seen this same scene fifteen years ago from Helen, hey, at almost fifty she's holding up quite well. Must be all the surfing. Enjoy.

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