Holly Peers Topless 2013 Calendar Might Just Take the New Year's Cake

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With just a little over a month remaining in 2012, while all the melancholy sad-sackers are left to lament over times gone by, we at Egotastic! are forever looking forward, in particular, looking forward to the new set of glamour model wall calendars going up in our offices on January 1, or, you know, whenever we awake from our NYE drinking and debauchery, so, around January 5.

And you can bet that one of those calendars will be the 2013 Holly Peers topless wonderment wall-edition.

Holly Peers is just one spectacle of the sextastic. You could do much worse than visual teases of her ridiculously hot body on your wall all twelve months of 2013.

It certainly makes for a fun last day of the month ceremony here in our regal dwellings. Enjoy.

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