Humpday Huzzah! Sophie Reade Flashes Her Amazing Funbags For Your Eyes Only

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Midweek. Humpday. What to do. What to do.

How about we create a Zen moment built around the beautiful big bold breasts of Britty glamour model Sophie Reade in her latest and greatest naughty pictorial from our friends at Nuts magazine across the pond.

Oh, sure, many of you may rake your miniature sand gardens or play your Enya, but I'd highly recommend that if you're seeking stress relief above the waistline, you gaze into the glorious globes of Sophie Reade and allow her majestical mammaries carry you away to a happier time, whence first come into this world, and the mere sight of a plump ripe chest puppy was all it took to make your world complete. Enjoy.

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