If You're Buying Me a Christmas Gift This Week -- Lucy Collett Topless Under My Tree Pretty Please

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When I was a kid, every year at Yuletide, I dreamed of the magical train set or the G.I. Joe 'Go Joe' Super Power Pack collection underneath the pine tree. But, as my old man liked to remind me, dreams are for the kids whose dads might actually buy them something cool for Christmas, whereas, I had no shot, so I should start elevating used tube socks on my list for Santa and I'd never be disappointed.

Well, now, as a fully grown, yet entirely immature adult, it's no longer trains or action figures that dance about my head like cherry plums, it's the thought of my ginger curvy passion, Lucy Collett, writhing topless atop fruit cakes on the linoleum floor beneath my little aluminum tree. And, just the thought of Santa dropping this wicked hot and plump-puppied gift beneath my hopeful tree, well, now I am going to need that tube sock.

Take a look at Lucy in her latest pictorial and tell me you've got a better gift idea! Enjoy.

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