Jennifer Nicole Lee Flashes Panties for 'MILFtastic Awareness Week'

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Added to her title as perhaps the tautest bikini body we see here on Egotastic!, add former BBW turned MILFtastic fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee to the list of the ladies who put a sparkle in our eye even when shopping out on the town. I think it's perhaps the dresses that Jennifer Nicole Lee wears, which seem to be purchased in those plastic little eggs from a vending machine then stretched to the nines around her hot 'ten' body, with barely room for air to breathe between material and skin.

And, today, a little upskirt action as the shopping mom took a sit-down break from her sensual errand running to flash some of her matching colored panties, much to the delight of  us ogling intergenerational lusters to delight. You can say many things about Jennifer Nicole Lee, good, bad, indifferent, but you can never call her boring. There's always something brewing in her public exhibition kitchen. Enjoy.

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