Jessica Davies Topless Debut for Your Wicked Hot Welsh Rarebit Bits

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We have a special affection for the girls of Wales when they become old enough and bold enough to finally take their rightful place in the succession of Britty celeb glamour models, and this Welsh distinction will certainly only be increased after seeing the topless debut of 20-year old Jessica Davies in Zoo magazine.

Jessica is the kind of girl who could start hundred year wars just by promising two men that to the victor go the spoils of her delicious body. I'd hop in there for sure. I mean, there are blond bombshells and then there a blonde overwhelming the senses until you curl into a ball on the floor rocking back and forth because your body aches to mate with such a fine specimen of the opposite gender. I'm putting Jessica in that latter category just looking at myself on the floor here. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out Jessica Davies video of her first ever topless photoshoot. She's a natural!

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