Kelly Brook Sings and Dances With Topless Girls; Now That's Burlesque!

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Hey, one man's burlesque is another man's cocktease. We've never much favored any art form where a woman dances seductively in tiny costumes and sort of almost kind of pretend to get nekkid, but never does. We could see how that kind of half-arsed striptease would've been a serious something a hundred years ago when women didn't show their ankles in public, but this is the Internet age, where any four year old with a Leapster can see more skin than most men historically ever could in a lifetime of peeking. Still, there are exceptions.

One of those for sure being our seriously be-lusted Kelly Brook, all decked out for her show at The Crazy Horse in London, perform a naughty little dance routine with some quite topless chorus girls behind her. Rules were made to be broken, and with Kelly Brook, there are at least seven rules of decency we're imagining breaking right now. Just one of our all-time favorites. Enjoy.

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