Kelly Hall and Her Chest o' Plenty Throws Down Against Lacey Banghard In Our Weekly Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic

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Again we say, this world will truly be at peace when all wars are fought between supremely hot topless women whose only weapons are their glorious chest pillows and whose only motive is hot steamy boob-on-boob smooshing. We have a dream.

In the hope of someday seeing this heaven on earth, we take you to our latest Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic, the Thunderdome of Ta-Ta's, where four may enter, but only two may carry off the victor's trophy between their blessed cleavage. This week's melee of the mammaries pits underrated hottie Kelly Hall and her pert pair against former Page 3 Idol winner, Lacey Banghard and her global-award winning globes. The competition is fierce. The stakes (among other things) have been raised. But who's funbags reign supereme?

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