Lara Stone Bares Her Nekkid Wares for i-D Magazine

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You know what we love most about European supermodels? Well, yeah, they're hot and we want them to rub our bellies while we drink Northern European lagers, but, beyond that, is their willingness to show off their bare skin for the sake of the shoot. Even an artsy stylish shoot we don't understand, we still feel them, as it were, when it comes to exhibiting their nekkid forms.

All of which leads us to super hot Dutch model Lara Stone, who routinely dares to bare, this time in i-D magazine for their Winter 2012 edition, flashing some of her world class chest puppies as well as some see-through views to her lady nest, all in all what we like to call a high-brow ogle worthy bit of nekkidness we totally dig. Enjoy.

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