Lucy Collett Topless Ginger Bombshells Continue to Feed Our Readhead Obsessions

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Wow and funbag she-dazzle!

How the heck are we supposed to be diminishing what our shrink, the eminent and affordable HMO prescribed psychiatrist Dr. Leonard Fudge calls our 'dangerous and unhealthy fascination with bosom-blessed redheaded females' when we witness yet another round of the curvaceous sextacular from our object d' lust, Lucy Collett.

I mean, seriously, just look at Lucy Collett in her black lingerie barely clinging, before falling, off of her faptastic body and tell me how a man already weak before the female flesh is supposed to not spin out of control with thoughts of late evening horseback riding roleplay, complete with crop and one of those new inflatable protective vests that cushions the ribs when thrown from the back of a bucking mare. And there would be bucking. Enjoy.

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