Miranda Kerr See-Through Black Top Flashes Her Bra for an Interview in the Big Apple

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We could follow Miranda Kerr taking out the garbage in her flannel PJs and be happy for the rest of our lives, let alone tracking the uber-sextastic Aussie MILF in a sheer top on the streets of Manhattan, looking all sophisticated and smoking hot and fueling further 'Miranda drops her foppish husband for extended sexual romp with crude Internet blogger' headline fantasies.

The thing about super hot women is that it doesn't take much for them to float our boats, fuel our rockets, or spice our burritos, if I may mix some completely made-up metaphors. We're pre-disposed to like them, no matter what they do or appear. So a nice bra flash from Miranda Kerr, that's enough to send us into a dream state with a tattooed smile for about the next thirty-seven minutes. Enjoy.

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