Mr. Skin's Erection 2012! Finally a Reason to Vote and Win Awesome Prizes

We don't know much about politics here at Egotastic!, but we do know that when you pull the lever next Tuesday, you're not going to be winning any 55"-LCD TV. I think you get an 'I Voted' sticker or something slightly less awesome than a giant flat-screen TV.

But, now, thanks to Mr. Skin, you can cast your ballot in an election that truly matters -- the Mr. Skin Erection 2012, where you not only get to win shit, you get to see lots of hot topless celebrities on film and TV from the past year while voting. You're not going to get that when voting in Jim and Nancy's garage next week, I assure you. Jim is such an pretentious a-hole.

Vote now in the Mr. Skin Erection 2012. Win prizes. Become famous. Get laid. It all happens just like that.

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