Paz De La Huerta Changes Her Bikini Top in the Middle of the Street Because She's Effin' Paz De La Huerta

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You now how much we dig Paz de la Huerta, mostly for the fact that she does whatever the hell she wants whenever she wants, most especially when it comes to flashing of the body parts. And not just on camera any more, as the Boardwalk Empire actress decided that the parking lot across from the beach made for a perfectly good place to swap out of her bikini top and perhaps nobody would notice her chest puppies flashing bare for all the lucky boys in the area to see. Or, more likely with Paz, she just didn't give a flying eff who saw because she likes flashing her titties.

Pay attention Hollywood so-called rebels. Inking slogans on your tummies ain't cutting it any longer. Try flashing your hooters bare in parking lots before you start calling yourself an independent spirit. Enjoy.

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