READER FINDS: Rita Ora Nip Slips, Paz De La Huerta Nekkid, Olivia Wilde Covered Topless, and Much Much More...

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This week's hodgepodge of honeys we like to call Reader Finds represents something of a major communal achievement in my humble opinion. While the nation was driven asunder this past week due to national, state, and local politics, there is nary an unkind word said as all lines of thought merge together in unified chorus to build one of the most robust collections of user-contributed sexy celebrity content on the web. Nay, the most robust! Four more years!

This week's Reader Finds includes delicious topless pics of Moldovan model Xenia Deli(thanks to EgoReader 'Joey G.', Rita Ora major league nipple slips on stage (blessings to 'Scott' and 'John F.'), Susan Sarandon still looking might bosomy and see-through (kudos to 'Brandon'), Sienna Miller got knocked up and  nekkid (uncovered by old northern friend 'Erik E.'), Molly Quinn screencaps in a bikini (we thank you 'Mark W.'), Jemna Berman from Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn quite topless (mega-points to 'Harash'), Haley Benetar, busty daughter of Pat Benetar looking busty (gracias to 'Beau'), Kaley Cuoco showing her big nips on Big Bang (dual contributions from 'Spraised' and 'Tadam'), Lindsay Lohan sextastic in Bryan Adams photos (thanks to 'Gulliver'), Olivia Wilde covered topless for Yu Tsai photosoot (we bow down to 'Lenn G'), Mariana Almeida sexy Brazilian bikini shots (contributed by 'Dozo'), Paz De La Huerta nekkid once more in a James Macari photoshoot (oh, thank-ee to 'Brinn'), tatted up web-star Haley Leigh looking topless and naughty (courtesy of 'Doug B.'), and last, but not least, Corrina, an old school camgirl sensation that EgoReader 'Jess' identified as the hottie in the Texas A&M bare-midriff tee in our college football post earlier this week. Nice eagle-eyes. Enjoy.

Oh, and we also have some noteworthy video contributions this week...

Thanks to a bunch of you for the head's up on Miley Cyrus jumping around with cake on her chest puppies in a new music video, Decisions (go toward the latter third of the video):

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