Sabine Jemeljanova Topless on Sheets of Silk for Oh So Many Fantastical Indulgences

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We see so much beauty in our daily lives that often we overlook some truly special moments. No, I'm not talking about trees and mountains and kitty cats nursing orphaned guinea pigs, I'm talking about the copious amounts of hotness we see here on Egotastic! and being sure that every now and then we tip our cap to some things that move us personally, on the inside, specifically, below the belt. True beauty.

Sabine Jemeljanova, formerly Sabine J. Priek, is one of those brunette Britty celebrity glamour models that just floats our boat right up to and above the waterline. In this photoshoot of the gloriously sextastic Sabine atop sheets of silk, as we would keep her in our own dream home, well, maybe rayon, or whatever that fabric is that is machine washable but kind of looks like silk, because, honestly, after we do what we intend to do, and this is our dream, who wants to show up at the dry cleaners explaining the Hazmat scenes left on the linens. The point is, Sabine is one super fine woman. Beauty we want to point out, topless tremendous beauty, as we try to become men who stop and smell the roses. Or, Sabine. Bet she smells nice. Enjoy.

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