Sammi Jo Topless Pictures Move from the Bathtub to the Shower for the Cleanest Dirtiest Ever Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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A couple weeks ago we featured Britty au natural glamour model Sammi Jogetting wet and playful in the bathtub and suddenly many of you became fast fans of both Sammi and the bathroom fixture you have previously forgotten about since your childhood days of bubble bath and personal body part exploration. Now, Sammi Jo has moved from the bath to the shower, and we just had to share on this Ta-Ta-Tuesday, because sharing means caring.

Now, we can't explain precisely why Sammi Jo decided to wear her white jeans into the shower, and, precisely, we don't care. Just so long as everything gets wet and has to be peeled off, we are quite content. We are men, we don't ask questions when women start taking their clothes off, we just mumble the words 'thank you'. Enjoy.

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