Sara Jean Underwood: Daniel's Gift to You This Thanksgiving

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Sara Jean Underwood. Twitpics. Esquire MIMP. Playboy. Bustice. Nuff Said.

Look, it's hard to root against any guy who roots for the sexy former Playboy model and AOTS fearless reporter, Sara Jean Underwood. Even if he does use the 'Nuff Said' tag that I believe was officially buried in 2005 (and now second only in anachronistic annoyance to 'And, you're welcome'.)

Still, EgoReader 'Daniel' is right. Not only is Sara Jean Underwood super smoking hot and often super nekkid, she is also actively exhibiting her ridiculously sextastic form in a variety of media and tons of photo shoots and videos making her a true leader in not just quality, but quantity. And eff anybody who says that doesn't count for something big!

This Thanksgiving, quit gnawing on that drumstrick and start ogling these ten amazing photos of the mighty fine Sara Jean Underwood.

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