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Sophie Turner Has an Ass That Makes Me Want to Cry

Just being honest. The Aussie model has a derriere upon which I would like to eat my Jimmy Dean sausage links each morning. A booty for which I would build altar made entirely of ice then watch it slowly melt onto its own hotness. A dumper onto which my hands would be placed 24x7 to ensure that no cheek ever be left unattended for any amount of time. Yes, it's a truly regal seat that Sophie Turner put on display in Heathrow Airport yesterday as tons of British men were treated to views of the criminally intense asstastic of the Down Under babe.

Every now and then people will accuse me of being an ass-man. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding them and they're just calling me an 'ass'. Both are quite true. And for Sophie's curvaceous bum, I'd take any name calling. It's truly inspiring. Enjoy.

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