Stephanie Ruhle Flashes Her Panties on Bloomberg TV (VIDEO)

Hey, it happens to the best of us. We're a very serious journalist covering important serious topics, but we're also a hot female type person, so our producer bosses insist that despite our advanced degrees in finance and our outstanding professional track record, we have to to wear super short skirts when appearing on television. And, to boot, we've got to sit on a tall stool. Which means we've got to keep our legs tightly crossed and unwavering for the entire length of segments. And, oh, no, here comes the leg cramp.... cramp.... gotta switch legs.... maybe nobody will notice...

We'll say this for Stephanie Ruhle, ace financial reporter for Bloomberg TV, she just made our portfolio rise. Enjoy.

(special thanks to EgoReader 'Federico' for this uncovering discovery)

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