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Thank God It's Funbags! Britty Hottie Sammi Jo Sudsy Goodness To Kickstart Your Weekend

OMFG. Everything is right about this faptastic TGIF pictorial from Britty glamour model Sammi Jo, a brunette bad-arse (as in, how badly do you want that arse?) who decided it was time to get into the bubble bath with hardly any clothes on, and then begin to remove her wet sheer whites. It's truly a glimpse into the only fun thing about bathtubs once you're past the age for rubber duckies.

This has truly been one helluva week around these parts, and I'm not sure about your parts, but we could all use a little brew, a little football, and a whole lot of love from girls like Sammi Jo with a killer look, a sweet sweet body, and a bunside that I'd like to fry my personal eggs on.

Thank God It's Funbags! Enjoy your weekend.

(All Sammi Jo lusters proceed to her official media site for extended visual devotion and contact.)

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