Thank God It's Funbags! Sabine Jemeljanova Bendy Stretchy Full-Top Frontal Goodness

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Oh, blessed be the best day of the week, the only day of the week that begins with an 'F' for funbags, the day we launch ourselves headlong into a couple days vacation from all the office chatter of work and politics and heavy-flow tampons (yes, Sylvia in accounting, I'm talking to you, how about you use the office whisper voice when talking lady products going forward?)

Now, we rejoice in all things beautiful and bouncy and hot and worth living for, like the faptastic funbags of Sabine Jemeljanova, highlighted so bendy and stretchy perfect in Front magazine. To say we'd sell all vital organs above the waist just to spend ten minutes alone with Sabine topless in her flat, well, that goes without saying. But, for today, TGIF, we need not sell anything for our sneaky peek at her blessed peaks. Enjoy.

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