Amanda Pizziconi Nekkid for Treats! in Poolside Sultry Photos by Brett Ratner

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I guess once you direct an X-Men movie and other blockbuster films, you get to move on to the only grander accomplishment, photographing hot nekkid models, as Brett Ratner does in the upcoming edition of Treats! magazine. Now, while I definitely had some comments on certain aspects of X-Men Last Stand, I have far less critical comments, and far more positive things to say about Brett's capturing of the sextastic parts of sultry hot model Amanda Pizziconi.

I think I have a weak spot for Amanda both for her wicked hot female form, and for the fact that she sounds like three different girls I got lucky with as a teen (and, by lucky, I mean, I wasn't slapped in the face or kicked in the nuts). And, kudos to Mr. Ratner for some exquisite photos. Enjoy.

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