BOOBGATE: Leslie Mann's Supposed Topless Scene Must Be Weighed on the Scales of Justice

The Washington Post may have had Woodward and Bernstein but Egotastic! has (just) me, so suck on it. But, unlike those lame award winning journalists, I uncover the dirt you really want to know about. Today I put Leslie Mann and her supposed nudity in the crosshairs of my journalistic sem-integrity.

The 40-year-old actress and star of This is 40 has gone on record stating the her topless mammogram scene in the film (we'll call this Exhibit A), directed by husband Judd Apatow is her first nude scene and is in fact her actual body. We call shame on you Leslie, shame, shame, shame for this lie. (Also between this and her scene in Judd's last movie where Adam Sandler goes down on her, you gotta figure Apatow has some weird voyeur fetish involving his wife and his close friends)

Exhibit B. We already know that Mann has a thing for the CGI nudity. In The Change-Up, I originally thought the only saving grace was a shot of Mann topless. Anything to take my mind off everything else that was happening in that movie. Only I then discovered that the fine pair of pups before my eyes were in fact not real, but prosthetically enhanced breasts.

While Mann has remained vague on whether those actually were hers in that toilet-spinner of a comedy, I give you Exhibit C -- an interview Mann conducted to promote This is 40 in which she implicitly states around the 26:00 mark that this is her first nude scene, therefore negating the topless scene from The Change-Up, proving that it was nothing but prosthetics.

So we already know that Mann has given us film trickery boobs before, how can we trust anything she shows us now? Her entire interview and confession about the nudity is suspect. I'm not even really sure those are her kids she keeps parading around in her film. Where's the birth certificate? Are there photos from the delivery room? Therefore, our verdict is that once again we've been plagued with CGI nipple, the worst kind of special effect there is (not including the technique used to make Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen young-looking in the opening of X-Men 3).

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